Martin Seed

Martin Seed has long been known as a go-to source to provide reliable products for your wheat acres. We focus on selecting the highest yielding products possible, just like everyone else. But we know that growing wheat in the Iliana region comes with some risks; the weather doesn’t always cooperate. In addition to yield, we also evaluate our wheat products for scab tolerance, test weight, standability, and overall grain health to ensure that your wheat crop can tolerate Mother Nature as well as possible. We strive to keep our offerings simple and focused so that we can simplify the wheat buying process.

2021-2022 Product Comparison

For complete Martin Seed brand product profles, clck on the product name to download a complete spec sheet (printable pdf).

Brand Name: Maturity: Features:


Early Maturity
  • Hight yields and very good standability.
  • Excellent head scab tolerance.
  • Flowers early – don’t plant too early.
  • Seed at 110-130# per acre.
  • M20

    Medium Early Maturity
  • Tremendous yield potential with heavy test weight.
  • Excellent head scab tolerance.
  • Excellent straw yield.
  • Seed at 110-120# per acre.
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