Turf Grass

We’re continuously refining our turf mixes in order to achieve optimum growth across a range of growing conditions. Every turf mix features premium grass seed and a strategically designed mixture of grass seed species. Whether you are a homeowner, propery owner, contractor, or sports complex director, our turf mixes have helped thousands of people about transforming their turf project into a success.

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Turf Seed and Commercial

We offer up to date custom seed mixtures for all the cool season/waterway project requirements. We will work directly with your local FSA/NRCS agencies to meet the standards they require and speak their language… We work hard to stay current with all the regulations to make the process of working within the government programs as easy for our customers as possible. Martin Seed serves the commercial turf seed trade including landscapers, contractors, schools, parks, municipalities, golf courses, country clubs and retailers.

We also offer custom turf blends. Specially mixed blends made from varying grass seed combinations of Kentucky Bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, red fescue, wheatgrass, sheeps fescue, and many others... If you're a homeowner who just wants to fix some bad spots in your yard or a professional landscaper who wants to have your own mix to reflect the professionalism of your craft... we can blend a custom mix to suit your needs.

Erosion Control Products

Martin Seed carries an estensive line of erosion control products to help protect your investment in seed. Products like erosion control blankets, turf reinforcement mats, silt fences and fabrics, plus accessories to help keep your project on track.

Nurse crops are an annual grain or grass that can also be planted to prevent erosion and assist in the establishment of your primary perennial grass planting. The species and application rate will vary from one project to another, but the basic principles apply across the board. Using nurse crops is typically the least expensive method of erosion control. Although admittedly not as effective as other methods, it offers great value, especially on large sites. Depending on the situation, we will occasionally recommend using nurse crops for help with the establishment of perennial grasses. Nurse crops reduce the incidence of weeds, prevent erosion, and prevent excessive sunlight from reaching tender seedlings.

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