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World Class Genetics. Local Roots. ...is more than a tagline.

Those world class genetics are continually being evaluated, locally. In 2021, Martin Seed initiated an aggressive testing program in soybeans to verify that every acre of Martin Seed soybeans is worthy of a spot on your farm. As a result, we have started building a valuable repository of data on our products. This past year, Matt Willard and his family put out five valuable field scale plots, where results were measured in acres (not feet). At the conclusion of year one, we learned a lot. With the help of local data experts, Precision Agronomics, Inc., Larry Tracy and his team of yield data wizards have transformed our raw combine data from the plots into a format that we are proud to share with you in order to help you make good product decisions. (see detailed drawings below) The launch of the soybean plot program, in combination with local experience and analysis on each product in large production fields, provides your farm with access to more local soybean data from Martin Seed than any other seed supplier.

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Are you ready to take your soybean yields to the next level?

We are at Martin Seed. As we begin plans for 2022 and beyond, we see huge potential to push soybean yields into the triple digits. Our research program is going to be evaluating cost effective ways to get there. Testing varieties is essential, but so is testing the whole soybean growing system to maximize ROI for your valuable input dollars. Variable rate seeding, high tech seed treatments in combinations with biologicals, and creative over the top treatments will all play a role in getting us there. If your interested in trying something new this year...

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Quality you can count on.

Every growing season creates its own unique challenges. For 2022, soybean quality and warm/cold germinations are a hotly debated topic in the seed industry. Seed treatments are helping to overcome many of these challenges, but not always. Martin Seed took a look back at our standards, and we’ve stated that, “We won’t sell you a seed lot that we wouldn’t be willing to plant on our own farms.” In a year like this, that means something, doesn’t it? As a result, we have decided to try something bold – we've posted not only our warm germs, but also our cold germs by variety.

Martin Seed 2022 Soybean germination results

Just click the link above to review the variety we have on your order to make sure it is right for your situation. If your current seed supplier isn’t willing to supply you this info, ask yourself, "do they really have my best interest in mind?" If you're ready to work with a local soybean supplier that can tell you about each field your seed was grown in, give Matt a call today.

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For everything outside of the end rows

Not every acre is suited for row crop production agriculture. Pastureland and non-tillable acres are just as important to care for as your best field. Let us help you develop a plan that fits your individual land needs – whether its forages or ancient native species, we’ve got your seed. One-on-one personalized recommendations for:


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