Cover Crops

The cover crop movement is growing every year, with countless combinations of seed blends available.

There's also a growing number of seed companies offering the “latest” in cover cropping systems. At Martin Seed we believe that new technology only works if the producer understands what works for them on their acres. Period.

The effect of bare soil and wind erosion through the non-producing time of year is not a “new concept” neither is the steady rising of input cost in the farming. We are not offering anything" new" to the folks who work with us on their cover crop systems.  What we do offer is the information needed for the folks that are trying the systems for the first time on their farm or the latest in tools and information for those who have been doing it for many years. We are always looking for ways to help our customers first take care of their most precious resource. Their soil. Then how to make that commitment of soil preservation pay dividends in their operation.

Replenish and enrich your soil health

Cover crops are often referred to as "green manure" because it transfers so much nutrients to your soil, much like animal waste. The primary purpose of certain types of cover crops is to fix the nitrogen and/or potassium levels in your soil... so though Mother Nature, you can bring your soil or garden back to the ideal NPK balance.

Cereal Rye

Depending on the species and variety, cover crops have shown to reduce erosion, break soil compaction, decrease fertilizer needs, reduce weed growth, increase soil organic content, improve beneficial soil microbial activity, improve soil drainage, increase water-holding capacity, reduce disease pressure, and more. With cover crops, you can even attract beneficial insects and repel harmful insects!

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