who we are

Martin Seed is a true old school seed company.

Our history is filled with true seedsmen, and our future is looking bright with young seedspeople in training. We are committed to providing your farm with the very best seed options for your acres by selecting the very best genetics available to match your individual farm needs.

Located in Pence Indiana – we are ideally suited to meet the needs of Iliana farmers that are looking to maximize their return on investment. We don’t have fancy trinkets. We don’t have trips. We don’t have to keep Wall Street happy. We do offer darn good seed. We offer a fair deal. We offer solutions to maximize your investment at the field level.

our history

  • D.L Martin, after having returned home from serving our country overseas during WW1, was operating the local McCormick Deering dealership in Pence. He conducted a “Soybean Survey” of local farmers and land-owners to gauge the local interest in growing soybeans as a new crop.

  • Martin Seed is started and the first field of field Certified Seed Soybeans was planted and grown.

  • Matt Martin, having returned home from serving our country overseas during WW2, came home to take on the responsibility of running Martin Seed. He made the investment to build a state of the art seed processing plant in Pence, and was then joined by his wife Vivian, in 1948, to help run the business. They grew the brand to be a well respected and treasured local seed brand. Matt is always fondly remembered.

  • Tony and Lynanne Martin, having just returned from schooling at Purdue University, came back home to farm and operate Martin Seed. Tony and Lyn have been a huge asset to Illina farmers and have operated Martin Seed with the same standards and trustworthiness as the generations before them.

  • Ron Haston joined Martin Seed after having served in the Navy and Founding Haston Habitat.

  • Matt Willard joins Martin Seed after having gained 20 years experience with Monsanto/Bayer Crop Science.


Let Martin Seed unlock the true potential of your field.

Martin Seed has made a big investment in learning our soybean products. We are firm believers in what can be learned through precision agriculture, with more and more great tools and applications headed our way all the time. In our first year of launching this research program, we have grown more soybean plots within a 20-mile radius of Pence, IN than all of our competitors combined. Our plots will be harvested with commercial equipment, full header widths, and in large acreage. We are evaluating multiple trait platforms, have replications, and are planted in a wide range of planting populations. Not to mention, we are doing similar analysis on our production acreage as well. In the end, we are striving to have the most profitable soybean prescription for your acres.

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the best of professionals

Martin Seeds leadership team consists of two ag professionals that have perfectly suited backgrounds for their areas of expertise.

Matt Willard

Matt Willard

Soybean and wheat product owner with a long history of seed industry experience in production, agronomy, product development, and precision ag.

Ron Haston

Ron Haston

Small seed and CRP owner with a long history and passion for all things green, with more than 30 years of experience in working with establishing CRP and habitats that encourage biodiversity. Ron and his crew have the passion and the experience to help you make the most of your non production acres.

our advantages

Martin Seed has many advantages over the large multinational seed companies, but the biggest advantage is that we are not one of them. We are a small seed company located in Pence and West Lebanon Indiana with our consistant focus on helping your farm be as productive as possible.

our standards

Our standards are quite simple, if we wouldn’t plant a seed product on our farms, we won’t sell it to you either. We take our quality standards very seriously, our laboratory staff does as well. We've also invested in state of the art equipment to help ensure that we are providing the very best products we can.

our principles

Martin Seed has a passion for being the best small seed company that we can be. We continuously challenge ourselves to always be learning, and to keep an open mind for new opportunities to strengthen agriculture. Agriculture is a big family, and we all have a very important job of feeding this country and this world, and to do it for generations to come.