About us

Strong Values. Honest People.

At Martin Seed Company, you won't find slick seed salespeople! We are simple, salt-of-the-earth folks who provide real answers, quality products and high value. We won't sell you anything you don't need, but we will be straight-forward.

This is in our blood. We love what we do. We connect with our customers and create trusted relationships by providing personal, honest service. We'd love the opportunity to work with you.

Corn Seed

Best Genetically Diversified Seed Corn

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Soybean Seed

Soybeans Raised and Conditioned Here

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Wheat Varieties

We sell Amp16 early-medium and M18 medium maturity varieties.

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Cover Crops

Offering options to fit YOUR needs.

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Native/Small Seed

Our specialist has over 30 years experience.

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Committed to leaving a legacy.

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Who we are

Welcome to Martin Seed Company where you'll always find honest people, honest answers and interesting conversation. Our family's interest in the seed business trace back to 1929 and while many things have changed through the years, one thing remains tried and true: our commitment to quality, customers and the land.

Our History

Martin Seed Company traces back to 1929 when my grandfather, Daniel Lester Martin, who, along with my great grandfather, James Daniel. Martin, owned and operated a McCormick Deering implement dealership, James D. Martin & Son, in Pence. Interesting side note: When McCormick Deering dealership started, they would take in livestock on trade for new mechanical farm equipment. The livestock auctions were often held in a nearby barn where they would slide boards into the stall walls for bleachers so the bidders could sit. That barn stands tall today, just north of Pence.

D.L. Martin, who was just back from service overseas in WWI, wanted to promote interest in and sell the new mechanical threshers, which we know today as combines. In 1929, and already showing signs of a savvy businessman, D.L. distributed a survey to area farmers asking questions about their Soybean practices & yields. One notable survey respondent was Ura Seeger, the founder of Warren county's Seeger High School (Metropolitan School District of Warren County).

Due in large part the interest revealed in the 1929 Soybean survey, D.L. and his son Matt (my father) began raising certified Soybean seed. Later, when Matt returned from WWII service overseas with the United States Navy, he and my mother, Vivian took over operation of the seed business and farm production.

I was raised working in the farming & Seed business. I grew up learning all aspects of the business and upon graduation from Purdue University in 1983, came home to work at Martin Seed Company full-time along with my wife Lynanne. Over the years both my Dad & I have served on and resided over many Seed industry boards & associations. We are honored to be able to work with our nations farmers, whom I truly believe are some of the most dedicated, and skillful people on the planet. The talents & abilities which they possess are in my opinion, truly a national asset.